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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> a teacher is arrested after police say they found more than a thousand images of child pornography on his computer. the emergency meeting. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> the arrest of that teacher has parents in the school district concerned. and one question tonight is did that teacher make any child pornography with his own students. ktvu's robert handa is here with more on the arrest and what a neighborhood heard. robert? >> reporter: it is still very hectic at the office where parents have been calling about
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this teacher who worked in numerous schools. the district is trying to find out where, when and what kind of contact he had with students. >> reporter: the school district superintendent called this emergency meeting today to find out information on a substitute teacher nathan forsteel, arrested for distributing child pornography. >> i am praying that -- that this ends with he has possession of child pornography and nothing further occurred. >> reporter: police say a thousand images were found on his computer confiscated yesterday. the search hasn't turned up evidence he was producing his own child pornography. >> if you have a teacher that is teaching young children and looking at images like this there possibly could be a
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connection. >> i have two students that come here i am angry, disappointed, scared, shocked. >> reporter: a family member declined to contact. one neighbor made her recall something she over heard when he was videotaping a girl. >> he was talking to her, telling her, you know, for her to strut her stuff and work it, like that wasn't really something i thought an adult should tell a child. >> reporter: again, although there is no evidence he took pictures of students, the district plans to tuque all students who -- talk to all students who had contact with nathan forsteel. coming up at 6:00 p.m. more on the evidence, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. parents who lost their children in the sandy hook elementary school shooting are in the bay area tonight launching a new mission to
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curve gun violence. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco where their pain is still very raw. >> reporter: that's right. parents of the sandy hook elementary school children met here with leaders to encourage innovative new ways to stop gun violence. >> we are devastated. >> reporter: their stories brought the audience to tears. >> i held his little hand as we walked to the bus, i kissed him good-bye. for, as you know, the last time. >> reporter: they are the parents of three children that were among the 26 people killed in the massacre at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. >> three months after his death and i am still in a state of shock. i am determined to honor him and the others lost by dedicating myself to save other lives. >> reporter: they veined
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investors to launch -- joined investors to launch the initiative. in technology that will help curve gun violence, school safety and mental health analysis. >> if the tech community can create awesome companies like google, facebook and twitter we can turn our attention to innovating around safety. >> reporter: they are struggling to rebuild their lives after their son daniel was killed at sandy hook elementary school. >> we are committed for the long haul to try to help. try to bring good out of this. >> reporter: at 6:00 p.m. the parents who lost their only child in the sandy hook elementary school shooting and
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the technology they want brought to market to help prevent similar shootings. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the committee approved a ban on military semi-automatic assault weapon. >> the second amendment provides the right of the people -- >> i am not a 6th grader. i have been on this committee for 20 years. i was a mayor for 9 years. i walked in, saw people shot, i looked at bodies shot with these weapons. >> the bill is backed by dianne feinstein and would prohibit the sale and manufacture of 150 military semi-automatic assault weaponler. weaponler-- weapons. happening now, the search for a missing man at two locations. and the circumstances of what
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happened are unusual. ktvu's matt keller is at the command post to explain why. mat isn't. >> reporter: i am told 26 people are being directed in two different locations from this command post in the search for matt abraham. i talked with his mother, one of the locations where searches are looking for the 21-year-old -- searchers are looking for the 21-year-old. he fell after biking on saturday and was let out of the hospital on monday and he had a concussion and wasn't being himself and talked about going back to the park. >> they don't think he left till this morning. >> here is his picture. he is a student and works in santa cruz. he left his car and bike behind and don't believe he could walk
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far because of his injuries. the search is expected to continue into the morning hours if he is not round. reporting live, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities arrested a man for boating under the influence after he ran his boat aground. rangers say it happened at 6:00 p.m. last night. you see the efforts to clean up the mess today. the owner is from alaska and bought the boast last month. he made it to shore using a dinghy after he ran into trouble. coast guard -- a grand jury indicted eight people with a local moving company for defrauding customers. investigators say employees loaded items into moving vans and then charged customers more than their quote once they had control of the property. the charges include extortion,
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money laundering and tax fraud. the style of pope francis was on display in his first mass. [ singing ] >> the pope didn't use any notes as he gave a short homily in the sistine chapel. he said the church needed to return to its roots and return to god. >> at the dinner there was a toast to him, he said a few words and said may god forgive you for what you have done. >> his next public appearance is sunday at st. peters basilica. >> speaker of the house john boehner won't be among the delegation at the installation of pope francis. he is grateful for the invitation but it would be impossible with his dotties -- duties. vice president joe biden is leading the delegation to the
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vatican. how catholics feel about the new pope, ktvu's john sasaki continues our coverage. john? >> reporter: st. mary's is the primary church for the diocese and today was the place to be for celebrating the church's new leader. [ singing ] >> reporter: this afternoon's service began with the procession and the archbishop expressed gratitude. >> first pope from the americas. >> reporter: this was a normal service but many people felt they had to be here today for the pope. >> special taking the name francis for our city of san francisco. reach out to the poor. >> reporter: he summed up the feeling in unconventional terms. >> this is an emotional high
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for us. >> reporter: pope francis was an unknown before yesterday but they learned about him quickly. >> i am impressed that he road the bus. he did his own cooking. >> he preaches -- simple life. i think that is very encouraging. >> we had to pray hard the holy spirit would give us what we need and we have it. >> the pope opposes gay marriage. something the archbishop could be overcome in san francisco. >> i hope someone who has been so strong on social justice issues. >> reporter: because pope francis is named for the city's saint he has one more reason to visit the city. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2
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news. number of americans filing unemployment claims fell, reducing it to a five year low. 332,000 people filed initial claims, down 10,000. the decrease cuts the average to 347,000, the lowest since 2008. the drop is proof the job market is strengthening. the numbers are just one of the numbers wall street extended its win streak to 10 days. the dow is up 83 to 14,539. the nasdaq is up 13 at 3,258. the s&p is up 8 to 1,563. members of the supreme court warned today about the potential negative impact sequestration could have on courts across the country. the budget cuts raise the risk of innocent being wrongly convicted of crimes. they have begun implementing
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cuts to salaries, security and public defenders and they may have to stop civil jury trials. musicians with -- musicians with the san francisco symphony want them to hear their concerns and it caught some by surprise today. [ music playing ] >> the sound of one horn and picketers was not what a couple expected to see. musicians are in their second day of strike following failed contract negotiations. the strike forced the cancellation of today's concert. >> the orchestra is not going to play. these are worthless. >> musicians say they need a pay raise because they are losing musicians to other cities. they said san francisco is one of the top three highest paid in the country. a efiling software glitch
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will cause delays. the problem effects people who claimed an education credit and filed between february 14 and 22. turbo tax customers were not effected. but h&r block was. the problem has been fixed but returns with the error may take six weeks to process. close encounter with a iranian war plane. it happened as two fighter jets escorted a drone on a mission over the gulf. leaders say the plane began pursuing the drone but flew off when u.s. jet flew within two miles of the iranian jet. there are reports tonight at libyan authorities detained a man with possible ties to the
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attack in again gauzy that -- benghazi that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens. there are reports about whether he has been arrested and it is unclear what his role might have been. the fbi and the justice department refused to comment on the reports. an attempted cell phone robbery caught on camera. what police saw on surveillance video that makes them believe criminals are using a more sophisticated plan. >> cooler today. fog along the coast. dense fog advisory this morning. what happens for your friday? i will let you know back here in 10 minutes.
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is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ new tonight at 5:00 p.m. san francisco police say cell phone thieves are getting more sophisticated and now they have video to prove it. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live at the hall of justice where investigators just showed you
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the video. >> reporter: they are hoping somebody recognizes the faces. police say this was a plan by three plan on a bus to try to steal a woman's cell phone. we blurred the faces of the the young man in a esses but white t-shirt and a second person in blue by the door. now as the bus came to a stop the man and wife will reach for the woman's cell phone and then he heads to the exit being held open by the suspect. a third suspect behind the victim may have been there to keep anyone from jumping in. the victim held on as she was dragged out of the bus. she never lost her grip on the cell phone and got back on the bus unhurt. >> it is not just one person. this is three individual people that are working together and if they can do it on one bus
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they may be able to do it on others. >> reporter: san francisco police say this attempted robbery happened on the 33 line in the castro last month. they are asking everyone to be on the look out for similar suspicious activity on public transportation. as police see these types of cell phone robberies become more common comthe best -- common the best bet is to put your phone away. >> reporter: eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities say a man who robbed a bank yesterday could be responsible for other bank robberies. this man went to the west america branch and showed a teller a note demanding money. he is white, late 20s and facial hair below his bottom lip. state treasurer bill lockyer decided not to divorce
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his wife. nadia lockyer's problems with drug abuse were played out in pucklic and -- public and she was arrested. she pleaded not guilty to charges regarding drug use and child abuse. a spokesperson for bill lockyer said he is proud of the progress his wife made ask the two will try to reconcile. the sheriff's department is asking for your help investigating the killing of a member of a motorcycle club. investigators released these pictures today. a hiker discovered his body in the mountains in october and police say the killer likely dumped his body there. he was last seen at the park lane lounge in san jose. he was with people at the time. home prices dipped from january to february.
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prices are still up over last year. the median price last month was $405,000. that is down from 415,000. in february 2012, it was $325,000. sales were flat last month and a third of the sales involved investors paying cash. >> the shopping center has been sold for $100 million. that is 20 million more than they paid in 2010. the new owner isn't planning immediate changes. the complex includes a movie authority to and bed bath and beyond. samsung unveiled its latest phone, the galaxy s4. it is slimmer and lighter than the s3. and has a 5-inch high definition screen. the galaxy galaxy s4 can stop and start videos based on
5:21 pm
whether someone is looking at the screen. all service providers will be selling the phone. california water officials released the first part of the sacramento-san joaquin delta plan. it would protect the ecosystem and guarantee a stable water supply. a tunnel project it will carry water south to cities and farms. other parts will be released next month. another nice day in the bay area. >> another warm day. clouds earlier. you see a few high clouds but temperatures today in the 70s. plenty of mid-70s. lots of clouds now. the clouds are in response to a weak weather system. and the fog in response to that as well. temperatures cooled in some
5:22 pm
areas today. it was cooler than yesterday. i don't see 80s out there. official numbers we will have 80s. right now we got fog here. and then this other stuff -- that is high clouds. mid-level. mostly high clouds. low clouds at the coast. temperatures at this hour are cooler than last night. last night we had numbers in the mid-70s. so just a slight cool down. subtle stuff. for winter. right? usually we get a warm up like this. usually we get a warm up like this. this time we had a warm up like yesterday. high pressure stay in charge and we stay in the warm weather pattern. air is sinking. dense fog advisory around the bay and coast this morning. possible again tomorrow morning. if it gave you issues this morning be prepared for that.
5:23 pm
mark tamayo -- no, rosemary orozco is in tomorrow morning and will be watching the commute. it will be nasty. the forecast highs tomorrow, like today, yellows are 70s. oranges, fairfield. and then -- little orange by fairfield, north of fairfield. couple 80s. mid-70s, low 70s tomorrow. the forecast over night lows on the mild side. days are getting longer. nights are getting shorter and temperatures like 45 degrees in santa rosa. 45 concord. we are looking for temperatures to be mild tomorrow. when i come back, we will go specific with your high for friday and then the weekend. saturday and sunday. there are changes coming. there is rain. not in the five-day forecast but around the corner and changes coming. i will see you back here. >> thank you. public health crisis. the growing problem seen in
5:24 pm
mothers after they give birth and how it lives on for generations. >> i am mark ibanez in arizona, spring training home of the oakland a's. last year them going to the playoffs had to be the biggest story in all of baseball, why nobody from management to the players think it was a fluke. we are coming right back after this. new tonight at 6:00 p.m., cruelty in the prison system? >> making noise in downtown oakland, the fight underway for inmates who say they are being tortured. >> and they lost their only child in the sandy hook elementary school massacre. >> unstable gunman changed our lives. >> the plea these parents have for the bay area brightest, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. isn't technology supposed to make life easier?
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you can't have the same car as me! [ male announcer ] now everyone's going to want one. let's get a jetta. [ male announcer ] volkswagen springtoberfest is here and there's no better time to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease one of four volkswagen models for under $200 a month. visit today. the oakland a's were the western division champions last season and almost made it to
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the world series. ktvu's mark ibanez is in arizona with the a's. no one thinks it was a fluke, hu? >> reporter: of course, yeah, they are very confident here and that is the case in spring training. this is nice, things cooled down. we have the ballpark to ourselves. yesterday we were at the giants camp, they go about their business in a business like way and the a's, you walk in to their clubhouse and you realize this place is loose, loud, both places professional, just a very different way of doing business and it works for the a's and giants. in the oakland organization it has been a long standing tradition, part of the culture to let them be themselves and that is what they were last year, one walk off win after another, letting the beards go, throwing pies, doing the birdie
5:28 pm
after all the victories and in between and the west was won but believe it or not even with all that success there isn't an expert that thinks the a's can do it again and that as far as the a's are concerned suits them just fine. >> the good thing is nobody is picking us again to win the west. that is a good thing. particularly with a young team. we are in a pretty heavy weight division. the rangers and the angels, if we are able to duplicate last year's performance, it will be just as fun. >> we pushed everybody's expectations by a little bit. not lot. never let one thing stop us, a losing streak, something off the field, we pulled together. >> reporter: after getting a taste of success the fans even by spring training standards
5:29 pm
are more optimistic. >> we got good pitching, offense, defense. >> reporter: can they do it again? >> we are going to take it all. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] [ laughter ] >> start them very young. >> reporter: i have been dared to do it. i will wisely refrain from that. the a'ss and the heat did loose to the texas rangers. the giants lost to the japanese national team 6-3. in the mean time we will have more for you tomorrow as we continue with our spring training coverage. giants and a's getting equal time. i am mark ibanez from phoenix stadium in arizona. back to you guys in the studio. >> and no bernie for mark. aeg the company that owns the kings and the staples center is no longer for sale. the owner says he is pulling aeg off the market because the
5:30 pm
right buyer didn't come forward. it was expected to bring in $7 billion. and aeg doesn't own the coliseum. renaming sfo after harvey milk may not cost as much as they once thought. changing 36 highway signs would be a lot. the airport nished the cost at -- nishly said the cost was $3 million. new information about postpartum depression, how it is common and what you can do to avoid it. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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>> reporter: new information on what doctors are calling a public health crisis. the number of women who suffer depression after birth. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler is in oakland to explain why this is happening and what can be done to break the cycle. john? >> reporter: this is from a study that shows new moms develop postpartum depression at a startling rate. >> reporter: researchers found 1-7 clinically depressed. >> lack of sleep, having to get up get up and go on with the day without having amusement. >> depression and anxiety are common in the first year. >> reporter: she says hormones, major life changes, changing relationships turn lives upside
5:34 pm
down. kids of depressed moms are likely to have learning disorders. >> they are families are not functional either. this is a generational problem. >> reporter: recognizing the risk, realizing there is no shame and seeking help and support can change that cycle. >> i prepared myself because that was a fear, having postpartum depression. >> it is hard. i am not going to say it is not but at the same time this is what we were meant to do. >> reporter: 2/3 of new moms also had anxiety disorder. postpartum depression usually occurred in women who had prior psychological issues effecting their physical health as well as the health of their children. health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. the irs has $917 million in
5:35 pm
unclaimed tax refound from 2009. time is running out to claim your refunds. a million people failed to file returns in 2009. the deadline to file and claim a refund is april 15. after that the money goes to the u.s. treasury. the senate is going over a plan to raise minimum wage to $10 an hour. they heard testimony today from workers who say they are struggling to pay their bills. it is currently $7.25 an hour. ed a cuicates say it would funnel more money into the community but critics say it could trigger layoffs. >> it will have the effect of hurting the very people we are trying to help. >> the california minimum wage
5:36 pm
is $8 an hour and $10 an hour in san jose. the living wage with oakland is $10.50. poll on women show a spike in the number of working mothers who said they prefer to work full time. 37% want full time work, up from 21%. half of working mothers rather be home with their children but work because they need the income. boy is alive after falling from the window of an 8 story apartment complex in new york. witnesses say the baby landed on his mother before landing on the sidewalk. his mother died on impact. neighbors heard the woman arguing with her husband and they have found a suicide note and the woman may have been suffering from postpartum depression. neighbors say yesterday's scene will forever be seared in their memory. >> yeah. i wish i never witnessed that.
5:37 pm
nobody should have to witness that. it is kisturbing. -- disturbing. >> the baby is in stable condition that hospital. woman lived with her husband. the students at san francisco city college say the cuts to keep the school's accreditation turned san francisco city college into a skeleton. ktvu's rob roth is live in the city where there is a rally underway. >> reporter: hundreds of san francisco city college students, teachers and union members are rallying in front of city hall. they are upset about cuts and changes the administration is proposing, all this while the survival of san francisco city college hangs in the balance. >> reporter: students from san francisco city college marched through campus and into the streets this afternoon. >> what do we do? >> reporter: tomorrow is the
5:38 pm
deadline for san francisco city college officials to submit a report detailing while the college should keep its accreditation. protesters say it eliminates too much. >> all of the staff cuts and all of the student service cuts has been turning our school into a skeleton. making it hard for new people to want to come. >> reporter: the administration says changes are necessary. last summer they found 14 deficiencies in how the college is run and said fix them or else. >> we haven't been in agreement on everything but everybody appreciated the clock has been ticking very fast. >> the college says it implemented most of the recommendations but it needs more concessions from the union whose said workers already took huge hits. >> education quality is at the heart and support for students
5:39 pm
and employees. >> reporter: he wonders if he will be able to fulfill his goal. >> we need to save our education. that is our future. >> reporter: back live at this peaceful rally that is expected to last another half hour. they are expected to make their decision in june. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. what is in a conversation? more than you might think. a one sided conversation versus eavesdropping. which is more likely to be remembered? >> the tsa gets grilled over allowing knives on planes. well, well, well.
5:40 pm
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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over hearing a one sided conversation is more annoying than eavesdropping. returners did a study involving students. half of them listened to a one sided conversation while trying to contrait on an assignment -- concentrate on a assignment. researchers say students exposed to the one sided conversation remembered more of it and were more likely to say
5:43 pm
it was annoying. when it comes to talking on cell cell phones while driving americans are the worst. the centers for disease control and prevention found that 69% of u.s. drivers, 69% reported talking on a cell phone. european drivers were 21% in the uk to 59% in portugal. the chief of the terry stotts testified -- of the tsa testified today for allowing small knives on planes. the tsa says they won't take down an airplane. >> a small knife isn't going to result in the farrier of an aircraft. explosive device will. >> the tsa said they should be
5:44 pm
concentrating on intercepting explosives. some flight attendance are against the change. new video shows north korea making a threat against the enemy. the video shows him greeting a military unit and said throw all enemies in the cauldron. he threatened a nuclear strike against south korea and the united states. something going on could have a negative impact on san francisco's new cruise terminal. still ahead. >> clouds out there today and cooler in some areas, 10 degrees cooler but temperatures will rebound here, how much warmer it will be for your friday and how about that bay area weekend? i will have the details back here in 10.
5:45 pm
>> the bay area hot spot providing the fastest wi-fi in the country. >> making noise in downtown oakland, the legal fight for inmates who say they are being tortures. and they lost their only child in the sandy hook elementary school massacre. >> unstable gunman changed our lives. >> now the plea they have for the bay area's brightest. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. you're on timeout leo!
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last month we told you how thousands of people were stranded at sea, tonight thousands are trapped on a caribbean island. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live with a perspective as cruising's track record. >> reporter: starting this weekend despite the cloud hanging over the industry the grand prices will be home ported in san francisco year round, serving alaska, mexico and hawaii. >> reporter: they are flying
5:48 pm
their passengers back home, coupled with their awful gulf of mexico stranding last month the cruise industry got a black eye. she is surprised by the events so close together. >> it is really -- i am -- my 30 years of being in the industry i have not seen this type of incident before that i could remember. >> reporter: one thing worries her. >> i am hoping the cruise lines are not cutting back on maintenance in favor of profit. there are 230 cruiseships world wide. despite many cruises only five ships became disabled. this year there have been two incidents. >> that was bad. that puts a bad light on when
5:49 pm
it is just a small percentage of the cruises. >> reporter: of 100 million people who took crews since 2005, there have been 48 fatalities. 998 fell or jumped over board. fact is, the industry is growing fast. >> i find that people are thrilled with cruises. it is a great product. >> reporter: just like those air airplane crashes, when something happened it always makes news. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. the highway patrol haven't said what caused a crash on highway 4 this morning in contra costa county. the driver lost control of her car before 9:00 a.m. this morning and hit a pole. as you see there the car flipped over and trapped her inside, traffic was backed up. firefighters used the jaws of
5:50 pm
life to get her out of the car. she was rushed to the hospital. we don't know her condition. the coroner identified a woman killed in an accident yesterday as joy white. she veered towards the center divider and over corrected and sent the car into a ditch. honda is recalling vehicles because of break problems. most of the recalls involved 2005 pilot, and other cars. it could cause the car to break when the driver isn't breaking. owners will be notified by mail in april. dealers will install a new part at no charge. >> a small group of surfers ignored the no trespassing sign
5:51 pm
and headed down to martins beach today. >> i am going to take a walk down here. >> that is former u.s. representative, he led the group down the privately owned road this morning. a gate was put up in 2010 after the property was sold. a lawsuit filed this week claims the gated road is in violation of the california coastal act. sheriff's deputies were at the protest but no arrests were made. our chief meteorologist bill martin yesterday at 5:00 p.m. told us about a change in the weather. -- change in the weather. >> 70s still. temperatures in the mid-70s. more clouds. more fog this morning and we experienced a cool down. but subtle. what you notice were the clouds. there is the clouds moving in over the top of us. the clouds will be around the
5:52 pm
next 24 hours. mild evening tonight. look at all the clouds out there. oakland, half moon bay. has an impact on the temperatures. they are 5 degrees cooler than they were -- yeah. 5 degrees cooler than last night at this time. we have more of a marine flow. feels like spring time. it is winter but spring time. producing temperatures like these. 77. livermore 76. down a couple degrees from where they were. oakland was 5-6 degrees cooler because of the coastal fog that sat inside the bay and got us the dense fog frieze that slowed you down. might see that again tomorrow. just because the national weather service doesn't issue a advisory doesn't mean it isn't there. i would be prepared for slow
5:53 pm
travel. that is the best thing to do. tonight, right, there is the clouds. clearing tomorrow. here we are friday. morning. fog. high clouds. high clouds. fog. and temperatures in the 60s and 70s again tomorrow. high pressure sets us up with another mild day like today. more sunshine. temperatures come up. partly cloudy skies. patchy fog into your bay area friday. looking for rain? going, going, going, tuesday, nothing. clouds, here we are wednesday, look at that. wow! i think this will happen. tuesday, wednesday, next week we will get wet. there is good news. highs for your friday, good news too, weekend looks nice. another -- you can't complain. outstanding weather. we need rain but we are not getting it this week.
5:54 pm
>> thank you. how private is your financial information? the possible push to allow the government full access. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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shop at ♪ it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. a report out this week has people wondering if the government wants to look at their financial information. just how private your bank
5:57 pm
records really are. >> reporter: the treasury department said it is no secret they have access to a massive financial database full of suspicious activity. >> the average american isn't going to ping the information. >> reporter: a document outlined new plans wanting to give more unlimited access to that database. no such plan exists but it is exploring new ways to ensure the government is in the best position to fight terrorist. >> we need to make sure we are giving it over sight, congress is paying attention as well as the privatesy -- privesy offices. >> who is included? anyone who make as cash
5:58 pm
transaction of $10,000 or more. >> what they are looking for is large cash transforms, other large money -- transfers, other large money transfers. >> reporter: it in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. women from all over the bay area gathered to be honored for their roles in developing the next generation of leaders. the powerful women of the bay lunch in took place today. proceeds go to the training institute for leadership enrichment. >> we are honored, wonderful women across the bay area, celebrating their achievements and contributions to the community. >> the organization provides
5:59 pm
developmental work shops. its goal is to increase the number of african american women in leadership roles. in 2 minutes the expanding search going on for a young man. >> and three months after the sandy hook elementary school massacre in connecticut the call for help the families are making here in the bay area.

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